Family Law

  • Divorce

  • Custody

  • Support

  • Property Settlement

  • Protection From Abuse

  • Prenuptial, Cohabitation

Janice Ramin Yaw

Janice Ramin Yaw

I have the unique experience of having been a family law client before I became a family law attorney. I experienced first-hand the emotional and financial devastation of divorce. Returning to law school at the same time that I was involved in a bitter divorce caused me to recognize the need for family law attorneys who really understand how difficult a divorce can be for both spouses and children.

When you need a domestic relations attorney, you need an attorney who will fight for your rights, but yet is sensitive to the emotional turmoil that accompanies divorce, separation and custody litigation.

When you choose an attorney for your family law case, choose a lawyer who concentrates in the area of family law and who will give you aggressive representation and dedication to your family law matter. My practice focuses entirely on family law and I have tried more family law cases than any other attorney in my eight county area.

Megan Engelman Young

Megan Engelman Young

I grew up in a law firm. Since I was fourteen, I worked part time at Lepley, Engelman & Yaw. I always wanted to be a lawyer and went to law school to study international law. But, I first decided family law was the perfect fit for me the very first day of my family law class. I immediately applied to volunteer at a family law clinic, which provides free legal assistance to families in need. There, I saw the need for the brightest and best attorneys to represent clients in these actions.

I returned to Williamsport and made the important decision to devote my practice to this extremely overlooked area of the law. For me, family law allows me to assist people through one of the most difficult times in their lives and to combine my interest in the law and social work. My practice allows me to be both a fighter and a compassionate individual every day.

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